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School Improvement Support

Due to the expertise within the federation, we are able to offer school improvement support that is targetted and bespoke to each individual school.

We are fortunate to have 2 National Leaders of Education and several Specialist Leaders of Educations that help guide and develop our practice within the federation. 

Services available 


School Improvement  Service 


2 Day Self Supported Review (led by National Leader of Education) along with 2 experienced school improvement specialists.


A 2 day self-led review of either whole school or a particular curriculum area/areas. Followed up with detailed report (to be shared as appropriate) and development points (with guidance)


1 Day individual curriculum support from a Specialist Curriculum Leader – 1 or 2 subjects covered during the day.


Example Day - Meeting with curriculum lead, looking at whole school plan for subject, followed by short ‘drop in’ to look at ‘learning’ of that subject, pupil interviews followed by detailed support plan for next steps or validation of what is currently taking place.


Teaching and Learning Walk with an experienced Advanced Skills Teacher. Tailored to the needs of the school.  


Example- A focus on Maths and English, learning walk with subject leaders through all year groups, pupil interviews on prior learning followed up with  subject leader discussion  on what has been seen and shared, detailed report on next steps or validation of what is currently taking place.


Specialist Teacher Support.


Example – Teacher requiring additional support, after going through internal support often somebody from outside the school can have more of an impact as they are independent and can give different perspective.  Our facilitator has a proven track record in supporting underperforming colleagues.

Example –

Initial observation and feedback – ½ day

6 follow up half days focusing on different areas such as team teaching or joint observations as identified or directed by the support

Total support 7 – ½ days.  



7 Half day visits (including initial observation)

Website Compliance Check

School Website will be compliance checked (alongside current DFE guidelines).

A report will be generated outlining actions.